Monday, January 30, 2012

My What Big Eyes You Have...

Late last night, Miss B and I sat up watching Red Riding Hood. It's still school holidays, so we can afford a few late nights still. Plus we needed to wait til littlest daughter was in bed before we could start the movie.

It is by the same director as Twilight ( so Miss B loved it) and it shows. Not as scary as I thought it may have been, an interesting twisty plot, and great characters. But my FAVE bit? The imagery of that cape, against the snow. Beautiful. Here's some  Little Red Riding Hood inspiration from Etsy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today I needed a little more COLOUR in my world..

Ever have days like that? Not enough sleep, too many places to go and too many things to be for too many people. So I ended up this evening, out on my verandah - dyeing . Just a few items for myself...just learning my way as I much fun. 

And a cute little Pixie cap I sewed up yesterday...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crafty SUNDAY Inspiration..A little bit of FRIDA

The other day my BUST DIY Guide to Life arrived, what an awesome book!

You can get a copy HERE.
As well as being a fabulous book all round, it has these awesome hairstyles to fave being the Frida style Mexican plaits. LOVE THESE!

Not sure how I'd go attempting this on my own  hair, but the littlest, Lil (8) ...would be so cute on her!!!
She is not happy to cooperate yet, but I'll work on it.

So, while we are in a Frida frame of mind, here's a little more FRIDA Crafty-ness.

From Blue Milk

Frida in Buttons

Skull a Day

 FRIDA paper dolls

FRIDA Altered Matchbox

From FlorLarios Etsy

Friday, January 20, 2012

Homemade Pencil Case

Somehow I started a tradition with my girls that each year I make them a new pencil case. I was never a fan of the generic tartan or vinyl ones anyway. Here's a couple I have made in the past...

 Goth Girl

Happy Cupcake

And last years, the dreaded zippered pencil case!

The kids draw a sketch of what they want, and I try my best to make it happen. With Goth Girl off to secondary school this year, she needed a few modifications. Like a seperate compartment, and I added a few holders for pens and her ruler on the outside. Pretty neat hey?

Fabric is some Alexander Henry fabric from the stash.
One more to go....

Monday, January 16, 2012


Yep, I'm a day late!!! Unless it's still Sunday where you are, in which case, I am right on schedule.

What's inspiring me today?


Blue Cupcake  


Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Couple of Frugal Foodie Books I Found

Why does the thought of "frugal food" make some shudder? I guess they conjure up thoughts of bread with dripping, baked beans, scraps of mutton, recipes salvaged from the Depression era.

But you know..a lot of what they cooked back in the Depression era was better for us than most of the processed rubbish we have available  today. I read recently in Feast mag, that" some of the most quality cuisines today",  were born out of a need to economically use seasonal and available produce.
(Feast Issue 4 pg 134).

 With three kids in private school and one at uni, I have an interest in cooking economically, whilst still feeding us well. Two books I recently stumbled on at the library and am really enjoying...

Economy Gastronomy

I love this book, wonderful planned left over ideas! It is set out beautifully, gorgeous pics, and would be right at home next to a Jamie Oliver book..except the recipes do not require expensive ingredients you may not have already. As it says, Cook Smarter, not Harder.

The Thrifty Cook

 With a promise of 200 budget friendly recipes, this book will keep you going for a long time. The recipes  are very diverse, curries, vego, more traditional roasts and bakes, mince recipes, cakes and slices, stir fries..a bit of everything. There is certainly nothing boring in here! There's also a great section on stocks sauces and extras, too!

So, Depression era, weevils in the flour kind of recipes here!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gather up the Fragments....

There has been chatter over at the Crafty Mamas forum as to what do you do with scraps? Keep them? Toss them? I used to keep them..but they got a little overwhelming very quickly. So I toss them. But I may be rethinking my stance...check these out!


 A very crafty customer, Tammy, sent me this pic of how she has been using up her Stenzo knit scraps. 
I know..adorable!!! He has a little beard bib too!

Clever ideas here from Fun in the Making

Oodles of cool projects from Make it and Love it!

And I LOVE these scarf ideas, using striped knits...

 These are awesome..

Make your own Spaghetti Necklace scarves here

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Quick Start Guide to Crafty Mamas: KNITS!

I have had a few customers tell me that Crafty Mamas is HUGE ( admittedly, we are getting a bit that way!) and they don't know where to start when shopping- so I thought a few Quick Start guides were in order!

When you first come upon our Front Page... , 
look over to the left hand side, and you'll see our MENU.

Our FABRICS are categorized into KNITs and WOVENS. I find this is the easiest way to categorize them.
Depending on what you're after,click on either category and you'll get a list of sub categories.

Let's take a look at KNIT FABRICS today.

 These are either grouped by designer.manufacturer ie; Crafty Mamas,

Hamburger Liebe, or by the type.

Possibly the most indepth is HILCO. ( as we stock a lot of HILCO).

 HILCO Sweater knits:  lovely and warm knits
Ringel:  Great for cuffs, neckbands, or even on it's own. Comes in a no selvage.
HILCO other knits, an assortment in here.
Hilco CAMPAN : our much love Hilco stripes! A clever cotton/elastomeric knit, great for cuffs, neckbands, and on it's own. 

Continue down our MENU of knits and you will find Skandi style knits, STENZO knits, Farbenmix knits...oodles and oodles of knits really!

Under our SOLID KNITS you will find..solids!!!

STELLA made in Australia  and GITTE from Germany ( a tad lighter than STELLA with different colours). Both great to coodinate with our printed knits.Both cotton/elatstomeric (lycra).

VELOUR knits, scrummy and warm!
CALIFORNIA is great for leggins and winter tops. A cotton/elastomeric rib.
VERMONT is a true rib, but not for ribbing, it;s best for kids wear like tshirts and singlets. It has limited recovery as it is 100% cotton.

MODAL is another very popular knit, among the grownups. Great for layering, it is light weight and drapey.

That should help you find your way around our delicious KNITS!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crafty Mamas RIBBON CLUB Give-away!


shell said...
What a great giveaway!!!
Fave ribbon, well I love all the Farbenmix, Janeas World, Hamburger Liebe..... I love them all, don't think I can pick a fave hehehe

Congrats Shell! Please pass email me over your details!

Thanks everyone!


Have you seen our Crafty Mamas Gorgeous Ribbon Club?

A 3 months club membership gives you 3 parcels of 10ms of assorted ribbons!

Our range of ribbons is quite amazing, a bit like being in a lollie shop!

From Farbenmix, Janeas World, Franc Tack, Jessica Jones, Hamburger Liebe, Blaubeerstern, just to name a few!

With new ribbons coming in often, and our ribbons ship free is Australia, so are exceptional value!


This week I have ONE Gorgeous Ribbon Club membership ( valued at $77!!)  to Give-away to a Blog follower! How to enter? Simply become a  Follower of this blog, and leave me a comment as to which is your FAVE ribbon! 

Good Luck! Winner will be announced Mon 16th January.

Monday, January 09, 2012

New Hamburger Liebe Fabrics!

New  Hamburger Liebe  arrived last week, how awesome are these?

TAKE A RIDE with solid cotton/elastane knits in Blood red, Mint and Orange.

KROKO with solids in Indigo, Orange and Citrus.

And , super cute new Hamburger Liebe ribbons!

Have you visited Crafty Mamas lately?

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