Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend Ottobre Design Give-away!

And our winners ARE!!!

( sorry this is late, was ill yesterday).

SewSuzie said...
OTTO rocks my world because it is just so cool.

Melissa Williams said...
I love nothing more than pulling out my binders full of Ottobre magazines and planning out my children's new season wardrobes. The range of sizes, the fabulous European styling, the easy to follow instructions - Ottobre rocks my world!


Suzi said...
I am very new to the handmade world, but would love the chance to expand my knowledge and let OTTO rock my world!!

Congratulations ladies!
Please drop me an email so I can pop your much coveted Otto 1/2012 in the post!


This weekend, I have not ONE but THREE!! brand new Ottobre Design 1/2102 mags to Give-away!

At Crafty Mama's, we LOVE Otto, and we want to share the Otto LOVE!!

Keen to win a copy? 

Simply leave me a comment as to WHY OTTO rocks your world! 

I am busy sewing all weekend, so let's draw our 3 winners Monday morning?

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Have a CRAFTY weekend!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A-Line Knit Skirt with YOGA style waistband Tute

A-Line skirts are much loved around here, quick and easy, and comfy to make. Particularly when made in a nice soft knit fabric....but even better when you add a yoga style waistband and do away with elastic!
This one is a simple white cotton knit from the Crafty Mamas shop ( Tamarama ) that I have dyed...likewise the white Stella. I am no expert in the dyeing dept- but enjoy it so much! The good people at Dharma accidentally sent this colour in my order- instead of Yellow...I am glad they did now! ( and they had my yellow out to me in 3 days- thankyou guys!). This is Deep Orange Procion Dye. In a spiral knot.

For best results, make your waistband in a good quality cotton/elastomeric ( lycra) knit like our STELLA or GITTE. Why? The elastomeric gives the fabric it's recovery properties- or ZING! Allowing it to snap back.

First, make your skirt up using my pattern for custom A-line skirts. ( I don't think you'll need help here, it's two pieces of fabric, sew up the sides. Yell if you do though!). When gauging length, take into account the Yoga band adds 10-20cm in length- depending how you wear it. Be sure and cut with the stretch running around the body.

To make your own A-Line knit skirt with Yoga style waistband you will need a piece of STELLA or GITTE this size:

With the stretch running across the fabric...  W ( your waist measurement  x .80 divided by 2, plus 2cm)  by 22cm down. ( this will give you a finished Yoga waistband of 20cm deep, or 10cm when you fold it down. ). Note; you could make this band deeper and use for maternity wear.

Like this... you can either cut your waistband on a fold, like in pic. Or cut two of and add seam allowance to both sides.

Now, you are going to sew your waistband into a round..sew rights sides together A to B. The same as if we are making a neckband for a tee shirt!

After you have sewn your short waistband ends together, you will have a tube. Give the join a good press.
Now  let's make it yoga-ish?? Fold in half..so raw edges are together. This will give you a tube that is now two layers, and 11cm deep. ( note in pic, mine has two side seams, I did not cut this one on fold)

Now to get this band attached!

Divide both your skirt waist and your yoga waistband into 1/4's- mark with chalk or pins. 
With raw edges and right sides together...place your yoga waistband around and on top off your skirt. I like to match up the seam in the yoga waistband with the centre back of my skirt. ( If you have two side seams of your yoga band- simply match with your two skirt side seams!).

Now going slowly but surly, begin sewing on your yoga waistband. Stretch you band gently as you sew- both in front and behind the needle- matching up your 1/4 way marks as you go ( see- just like attaching a neck band !  When you are done, you will have this...

 Turn up your yoga band to the right side and give it a good pressing.

Now you can wear like this, or turn down..do what ever is comfy!

That's  it. Easy Peasy. Wear and Enjoy! ( I don't hem these, I prefer the raw look, and it freaks out Mr Crafty- so I keep doing it ;)).

HINTS on SEWING KNITS : ( don't freak out!).

If using a sewing machine, use ball point or stretch needles. A must. Check out your manual for special stretch stitches your machine may have:  ie; a lighting type stitch, a mock serge stitch. Play around with them first.

Your waistband WILL be smaller than your skirt waist- don't panic, it will stay up better this way! It will stretch to meet your skirt waistband as you sew.

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