Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ottobre Design Magazine 3/2012- SQUEAL!!!

Ottobre Design mag 3/2012 is on it's way!! Get excited!!! It looks STUNNING.

Grab a pre-order copy here at Crafty Mamas.

Here's some eye-candy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kiwifruit Cake

I can't take credit for this cake recipe- I found it recently in a "That's Life Readers Recipe" Cookbook. But I did tweak it.This is great for using up squishy kiwifruits, that are rolling around in the fridge!

Grease a round  23cm springform pan , or cake tin.

2 cups plain flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 teaspoon bicarb soda
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup raw sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
4 medium sized kiwifruit, peeled and mashed
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Your fave Cream Cheese frosting.

Preheat oven to 180o.

Sift all your dry ingredients together.
Beat oil, eggs, sugar and vanilla until fluffy.
Add the kiwifruit and dry ingredients.
Mix well to combine.

Pour into greased cake tin or springform pan. Level top.
Bake for approx 35-40 min, or until cooked.

Stand for 10min before removing from cake tin.
Allow to cool, then ice with frosting.

Monday, April 16, 2012

STP Winners are....

I must say, this has been the fun-est Giveaway I have held!! I so enjoyed reading everyone's acronyms!

Thankyou for your entries!

 Here are our 3 winners......

GKJ said...
Sew Terrific Pieces! :) 

 .Louise d said...
Strong tough and perfect - and I would really like to have some so I can bake cakes again instead of running out of baking paper all the time. 

aisling said...
Superlative Transparent Prototype? 

Congratulations guys! Please email your postal details, so I can send you  roll of STP! 

~Happy Sewing~

So, what did you do on the weekend???

Here's a little of what I did!

Dyed up some large pieces of cotton/lycra knit, to go off to new homes and become AMAZING creations!

And some groovy kids stuff....

Did I mention how much I love to dye stuff??
 I think when I am old, I will become a happy, tie dying, crazy cat lady.... although some may argue I am already there!

I sell my Crafty Mamas Creations over at Oz Handmade,  
over at Crafty Mamas and you can get updates on items I have as they are made on Facebook.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Swedish Tracing Paper Giveaway!

What does STP mean to you?? 

Special Toilet Paper? 

Sweet Treats Please? 

Crafty Mamas regulars know exactly what it means, and it is the bees knees!

Swedish Tracing Paper is simply THE best product you can use to trace off your sewing patterns. It makes using Ottobre Design Magazine,Farbenmix, Kwik Sew and all your other multisize patterns a dream. This stuff actually sits nice and flat while you trace. It's not too thick, and not too thin. Strong, see through and drapable, you can even SEW up this tracing paper- to check your pattern fit!

But be warned: once you've had STP, there is no going back to cheap, flimsy interfacing or baking paper. Seriously. Don't believe me? Ask around...

I had trouble keeping up with the demand for STP ( and not just for my own private use..ahem..I share!)..
so I  chatted with the STP folk and am now an  official distributor of STP! 
So, we should never run out again.

Would you like the chance to be converted? Course you would!

I have 3 rolls to Giveaway, so 1 roll per winner.

Simply make up a witty acronym meaning for STP, and leave me a comment!

Winners announced Monday!

( this Give-away is limited to Australian residents only, thankyou.).

Monday, April 09, 2012

EASTER Crafty-Ness

Just because they are so cute and so much fun to make..MORE undies! I think everyone should have a pair of HILCO undies, don't you?

And a whole lot of Crafty-ness of another type going on here this weekend..the back verandah project suddenly took off. I have been waiting for 16 years for this project to be finished....and it seems it is underway again. (?!). No shortage of helpers - once the paint appeared...

No hair was brushed, but lots of fun and giggles,  ( the choc lab now has a red mohawk, the golden lab a red tail)....
I am sure the dogs will appreciate their new verandah!

Hope your Easter was good!


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Weather getting cool? Time to Sew Sleepwear!

I have set up a section over at Crafty Mamas dedicated to "SLEEPWEAR".
We all love a good set of homemade pj's, and there is nothing better than a much loved homemade nighty.
My girls are still wearing their neck to knee flannel ones I made about 3 years ago ( note: make them big enough, you get lots of wear from them!). I almost had them in the "too small" pile, but they were grabbed out by little hands.

A few of our FAVE s:

And of course, you'll need groovy fabrics....Crafty Mamas has plenty of that!

More Stunt UNDIES!

I have been trying out a few kids undies patterns lately, to try and find the most comfy one for Miss L.

Yesterday I tried the Fishsticks Designs " Little Fishies Undies"  I've been thinking about stocking these in the Crafty Mamas Shop- so was keen to test them out.

These undies have only one piece, that is to say, the front and back are cut in one piece. Drawback; it requires a longish piece of  knit fabric- whereas patterns with seperate front and back pieces allow you to use up your smaller off cuts. These sew up so quickly though, and there is no mucking around with the crotch piece.

The pattern is designed to have a lining , so a double layer of undies ( good for little ones) but too hot for my girl, so I only did one layer. Also, I omitted elastic and simply used STELLA from the Crafty Mamas shop- cutting the waistband piece shorter.

The Verdict: Much loved undies!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

BiG Pocket Sweater Skirt for Kids!

I made myself one of these a few weeks back and love it, so thought the littlest Crafty Kid needed one too.

They are very quick and easy to whip up, using the Crafty Mamas A Line skirt tute.
The yoga style waistband is very comfy for kids, and most seem to wear them pushed under their tummies.

So grab your   sweater style knit, and get started!

1. Following the Crafty Mamas A Line skirt tute, cut out your front and back pieces.
This skirt is knee length, but you do whatever length you wish.

2. To make sure we put our pockets on straight, find the centre front line of your skirt front, and draw down with chalk.

 3. I like the BiG Pockets to start at the top of the skirt, and run down 2/3s of the length.
So measure down 2/3's of the way and mark on each side. This is your bottom placement line for your pockets.

4.  I like there to be a 5cm gap between both pockets, so place your ruler on your CENTER chalk line at 2.5cm, then mark out 2.5cm to the left and right of this line. This is now our side placement line for BiG pockets.

5. Also make these marks 1cm down from the top of your skirt. See..smiley!
NOTE: In this skirt I am enclosing the top of the pocket in the sewing of the waistband, and the sides of the pockets in the side seam of skirt. In the adult, they were patched on. You do whatever you prefer!!

6. Now grab your kid..and measure their hand from little finger across to under their thumb...make note of this. ( no good making pockets they can't get their hand in.!)

7. Now lets create our pocket. Measure in 5cm from side of your skirt front, at the top. Mark.

8.  Do the same on the right hand side.

9.  Now measure down how far you want your opending to span, I've gone down 10cm to Lil's hand.

 10. , To draw in the opening curve of your pocket, grab a french curve or something similar ( I got this at the op's a pants drafting tool I think) and draw in your curve .

11.  Now grab your trusty chalk and create the rest of your pocket!  You can see mine extends to the side seam and into the waistband, but you do your thing! So now we have our pocket drawn out to size...

12 ..add a piece of tracing paper on top and trace it off. Now we have our pocket pattern piece, so cut x 2 from your fabric.

13. Using the chalk placement lines you drew,pin your BiG pockets in place.

14. Attaching your BiG pockets. Leaving about a 1/2cm seam allowance, pockets are topstitched on- leaving raw seam as is.

If you are going to enclose your side and top pockets in skirt side seam and waistband, only sew the YELLOW edges of pocket down.

If you are going for complete patched on pockets follow the RED. You will sew on all edges apart from the hand opening ( duh...or your kid will not be able to get their hand in!).

15. From here on in, it's plain sailing. Simply sew up your skirt as per the Crafty Mamas tute. Sew your sides together, then apply your waistband.
Note;   For a child, I like to make the yoga band about 15cm deep instead of 20cm.

Note; being a sweater style knit, the edges curl up nicely when left raw. So you don't need to hem the bottom- we prefer the grungey look.( but hem if you feel the need). If leaving raw like us- to ensure your side seams stay stitched, I always grab the thread tails, fold them back on the seam and stitch down.

These Sweater skirts are so lovely and snuggly, we love them! Would be great in STELLA or French Lycra Terrry, too!

Check out our range of knits at Crafty Mamas, pretty awesome!


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