Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Dirty Housewife

I recently stumbled across a review of artisan perfumes in BUST magazine and simply HAD to check out 
The Dirty Housewife! Having worked retail in fine fragrance many many years ago, I have a bit of a thing for pretty I had to try these!

 Tanya does ship worldwide, but you need to convo her first to organize. ( no biggy).

(check this one out!"Grr I'm getting old skin tightener!")

And my fave, beautiful Artisan Perfume Oils!

Tanya does a wonderful job of capturing emotions in a smell!
 My two faves...
 The Dirty Housewives of Atlanta 
" The Dirty Housewives of the ATL is the epitome of a Southern Woman. Juicy peach slices, kudzu blossoms, lingering and heady honeysuckles, *steel* magnolias, and a touch of sweet sugar cuz Southern Women are just so sweet….Bless their Hearts! These are just a few notes you can find in this perfume oil-it is a personal fave also!"


"Bohemia ~ The Artistic state of Life

This fragrance is for the earthy girl who can often be seen wearing cloth Mary Janes with a long flowing hippy skirt. She usually carries a stone or two in her pocket or bag, often burns Nag Champa incense, has a cat and wears peace signs, has at least one outstanding artistic talent, and a strong connection to the earth and animals. Oh wait! That is me! ;)

Will be loved by everyone with even the slightest Bohemian soul but unless you are a dirty hippy following a band, go easy and wear lightly ."

I love these two so much I had to order a couple more to try...;)

Shipping is cheap as they are so light and they are quick to arrive. 

If you are a bit jaded with your current smells, visit The Dirty Housewife
Tell Tanya I sent you!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

More on the TMX...

I have had a lot of people ask me what I think of the Thermomix now we have had it a few weeks- it is STILL being thrashed every day. There is not one day I have not put the TMX to work in some way or form. Either kneading doughs for breads and scrolls ( custard and almond! Even did the custard in it!), making endless biscuits ( ANZACs, almond cookies, shortbread), cakes ( endless! ganache!), and soup each day.

Then either the main meal or part there of ( Beef and Guinness stew, Beef Strogonoff, BBQ Chicken, pasta dishes ( Carbonara, Toscana, Tuna and Tomato, Creamy Salami), Risotto's....and did I mention the porridge for breakfast? 
What else have I done? Strawberry jam, apricot jam, ketchup, strawberry cordial- so yep, you could say it is fitting in well here!

Another thing I love about it, this is pretty much what our shopping trolley looks like each week: 

You gotta love that. 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SKANDI knits and a Giveaway!

Thankyou everyone, we have a WINNER!!!

Congrats MARIE! Please email which knits you would like as your prize! :D


Marie said...
You know, I might just make something for me. Something to add a little oomph to my day when I am feeling otherwise dull.


Have you seen our latest knit fabrics to arrive? Beautiful,bold and  vibrant Skandi style knits!
Even more fun reasons to jump in and start sewing with knits!These coordinate beautifully with our SOLID knits too.

I have 1m of the Skandi style knits to give away to a lucky blogger in Australia. (sorry internationals!).
You can select 50cm x 2 fabrics, or the 1 x metre of one fabric.

Simply leave me a comment as to what you would sew up should you win these! Winner announced 18th June.

Drop by the Crafty Mamas shop and see our extensive range of fun European and Aussie fabrics, knits and wovens, and our beautiful pattens and ribbons!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

New fabric supplier at Crafty Mamas!

Yesterday part of our new range from Nooteboom Textiles arrived from Holland. They are gorgeous!

Beautiful viscose knits for Mamas...imagine these in some Ottobre Designs patterns? Stunning. The hint of spandex (lycra) gives them brilliant drape and recovery.

Warning; you may drool...

 And as promised, some coloured stretch denims! The hot pink and chocolate are  here...more colours to follow!

Happy Sewing! 


Thursday, June 07, 2012

Farbenmix BEALA - a CUSTOM one

I adore making these tops, I really do. They just make me happy!! This is a Custom order..

Pattern is Farbenmix BEALA, with an adapted hood. 
The hood is made from hand dyed knits, as is the spiral on front. 

Farbenmix kindly allow us to sell items made from their patterns. 
You can purchase Farbenmix patterns, trims, and fabrics in my store, 

Sunday, June 03, 2012


So what is this thing, the "TMX"?

 TMX is short for Thermomix.

Up until late last year  I had never even heard of the Thermomix. Then gradually I started reading blog posts and Facebook entries about how wonderful they were. It seemed a lot of my customers had a TMX and loved them. Then  at the Quilt fair last year, I had a chat with Toni Coward from Make it Perfect- and she had me very intrigued. Then my good friend Sara bought one, and wow, she is an amazing cook- so the seed was planted!

Back ground here:  we don't even own a microwave, but I do cook- a lot. I probably cook a lot of stuff from scratch that others would not even consider, I'm a bit loopy that way.
Part of the TMX marketing is directed at telling the consumer...

" With today's fast paced lifestyle, we cook far less than we used to. Homemade breads, jams, juices, sauces, dips, cakes and biscuits have become a thing of the past."

But... I still do all that. And I am up til all hours of the night doing it. Could this TMX thing have any benefit for me?

They aren't cheap and I did not want it to end up sitting on the bench, gathering dust. Also, I did not have time to learn some new fang-dangled machine.

I was recently invited along to a demo at my friend Peta's and well, it clinched the deal. Not that I was overly enthused in all the meals the demonstrator made ( they really do go on and on about the custard- enough with the custard, we don't eat hot custard!)...but the process was interesting and I could see how it would  be put to good use at home here.

So I jumped in and now, 12 days later..we have a well broken in TMX!

I am happy to report it was not a huge learning curve, I just jumped in boots and all, and made butter chicken on the first night. Fantastic. With a cold snap, we've had casserole type dishes ( chicken pie, beef and Guiness stew,) lots of pasta dishes ( the pasta cooks in the sauce- in the TMX!, and countless loaves of bread, lots of biscuits, slices, jams and sauce, and porridge each day. The only thing I won't make again? Scones. You can't beat handmixed scones...the TMX ones looked a bit too smooth for my liking. But I did make the best kick-butt ganache in the TMX!

Is the TMX for you? Go to a demo, ask lots of questions and go home and think about it for a few weeks.
When you prepare every meal, think " how could this have been made easier if I had a TMX?".Be honest with yourself.

Our Thermomix demonstrator is an absolute sweetheart, and made everything so easy. I am in no way affiliated with Thermomix, I just like the product. You can contact them here for a demo.

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